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How to Make Bunny S'mores Cakesicles

August 29, 2020 2 min read

How to Make Bunny S'mores Cakesicles

If you love cake pops, then you'll be a fan of cakesicles! Think next-level cake pops, where you get a mini cake on a stick that resembles a popsicle. The perfect dessert for gifting or bringing to a party. 

Similar to cake pops, the cake filling inside a cakesicle is a pre-made cake and frosting mixture. There's a variety of different cake filling and chocolate shells to choose from, and our cakesicle molds make it really easy to make cakesicles in a variety of delightfully fun shapes like bunnies, dinos, fruits, and cupcakes.

Recently, we collaborated with the amazing sweets maker Vivian from @chicago_desserts to make s'mores cakesicles using our bunny cakesicle molds. If you live in the Chicago area, you'll definitely want to follow her to see all the dessert options available for ordering. 

Read on or watch the video at the end to learn how you can re-create these tasty s'mores cakesicles.

Happy creating! 

Prep Time  Cook, Cooling & Decorating Time Total Time
15 min.    1 hour 15 min.   1 hour 30 min.   

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • S'mores cake - this one was homemade with graham cracker crumbs, but packaged cake mix also works!
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Candy melts 
  • Bunny cakesicle molds 

S'mores cake mixture for bunny cakesicles


  1. Start by baking your cake. These cakesicles used a homemade s'mores cake recipe with crushed up graham cracker crumbs.
  2. After the cake is finished baking, let it cool completely and then break up the cake into crumbs.
  3. Add your marshmallow fluff (or frosting) to the crumbled cake mix until you get a dough-like consistency that can hold its shape. 
  4. Once your cake mixture filling is ready, melt your candy melts and grab your cakesicle molds. 
  5. Add a thick layer of candy melt to the cakesicle molds, making sure to cover the edges and sides. 
  6. Refrigerate for ~10-15 min., or until the chocolate is hardened.
  7. Fill the hardened candy shell with the s'mores cake filling mixture and insert your popsicle stick. Make sure to pack the cake mixture down tightly. 
  8. Add another layer of candy melt to cover the cake filling mixture and scrape the top so it's smooth. 
  9. Refrigerate for another ~10-15 min. or until the chocolate sets completely.
  10. Pop your cakesicle out of the mold, shave off any excess chocolate around the sides with a knife, decorate with chocolate drizzles and sprinkles, and enjoy! 🐰

Bunnysicles by yummy gummy molds


Store your cakesicles by wrapping each one in plastic wrap. Cakesicles will last for about a week at room temperature or about 2 weeks in the fridge. Enjoy!

If you try this recipe and make your own cakesicles, we'd love to see your creations! Please share them with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @yummygummymolds

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