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7 Ways To Use Silicone Molds That Make Them The New Superstar Among Kitchen Supplies

February 24, 2021 2 min read

making iced coffee cubes using silicone molds

Silicone molds can be used to replace metal pans when baking your favorite muffins or bread loaves, but if you think silicone molds are just for baking, think again! Baking with silicone molds to create picture-perfect desserts is only the beginning of the magic you can make in the kitchen and beyond. Here are 7 creative ways to use silicone molds. 

1. Cool Your Beverage

Make frozen coffee or tea cubes to keep your favorite iced drink from becoming watery! Simply pour any leftover coffee or tea into a silicone mold and let it freeze overnight. Pop the ice cubes out in the morning and into your drink and you've got an iced drink that will stay cold and won't get watered down. 

2. Stock Up on Your Furry Best Friend's Favorite Treats

If you're health-conscious and keep a close eye on what goes onto your plate and into your pup's food bowl, try your hand at making homemade pet treats using a fun silicone mold. Homemade baked dog treats, healthy pet gummies, or tasty popsicles to cool off during the summertime are some ideas. Be sure to let your furry best friend help you clean up in the process by licking the bowl! 

making pet treats with a silicone mold

3. Deodorize Naturally

Fill a shallow silicone mold with a mixture of two parts baking soda to one part water and sprinkle it with your favorite essential oil. Set it near a window to dry. You'll have fragrant and fun deodorizing discs you can strategically place throughout your house.

4. Create a Condiment or Snack Station

For your next taco or movie night, fill the cavities of a silicone mold with your favorite condiments, toppings, or snacks to easily separate everything and unleash your hungry crew on whichever options suit their tastes. 

5. Show Some Love

Treat your sweetheart or friends to homemade chocolates any time a sweet token is in order. Just melt your favorite chocolate into mini molds with fun shapes, top each morsel with nuts, dried fruit, or a drop of jam for a custom show of affection.

using silicone molds to make chocolate hearts yummy gummy molds

6. Organize Your Junk Drawer

Rounding up small objects like paper clips, rubber bands or pennies in a silicone mold tray's compartments can help you avoid losing them amongst your less important office supply. Easily stay organized! 

7. Boost Your Party-Hosting Reputation

    Making finger food, like mini-quiche or mini cakes, for your next get-together couldn't be easier when you pop your ingredients into a silicone mold. Your guests will think you spent hours in the kitchen!

    Using silicone molds to make unique mini desserts, mini cakesicles and mini cakes at home for entertaining


    If you already know how to use silicone molds for making easy desserts that look complicated, visit our Yummy Gummy Molds website to explore our fun selection of this superstar kitchen supply and use it throughout your home.

    Tell us about all the fun ways you use your molds! Please share them with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @yummygummymolds

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