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3 Ways to Use Cakesicle Molds

June 06, 2021 3 min read

3 Ways to Use Cakesicle Molds

Cakesicles are the latest trend in desserts, where they put a fun twist on cake pops and are essentially mini cakes on a stick! It's easy to make cakesicles when you have a cakesicle mold, but did you know you can use a cakesicle mold in different ways to create different types of desserts? Read on to learn about 3 different ways you can use a cakesicle mold! 🧁 

1. Cakesicles AKA Mini Cakes On a Stick 

The first way to use a cakesicle mold is by using it to make - you guessed it - cakesicles! It's like a cake pop where the inside is a cake mixture covered in a layer of chocolate, but the way you make a cakesicle is slightly different. Instead of dipping the cakesicles in chocolate, you "paint" a layer of chocolate into the cakesicle mold and let it set in the fridge for about 5 min. or until hardened. Afterwards, fill with a cake pop mixture (crumbled cake & frosting or buttercream), add in your stick, and finish by adding another layer of chocolate on top to seal the cake mixture. Our cakesicle molds come with re-usable sticks, but you can also use disposable wooden sticks if you plan on giving the cakesicles away to others. 

Watch Erin from cupcakesandconfetti1 make fruit-shaped cakesicles below! She had a great idea of jazzing up these fruit cakesicles by adding a shimmery glaze, making them a pretty & tasty treat. 

 2. Uniquely Shaped Cake Pops 

Cakesicles got their name because they're cakes that resemble popsicles! However, if you choose to not use any sticks when using the cakesicle molds, you could transform them into larger cake pops in unique shapes. The outside is still a layer of chocolate, but the filling doesn't always have to be a cake pop mixture. Here are some filling ideas below: 

  • Crumbled donuts & frosting mixture
  • Crumbled brownies & buttercream mixture
  • Crumbled cookies & peanut butter mixture 
  • Mousse filling
  • Crushed-up Oreos 

different ways how to use cakesicle mold yummy gummy molds

 3. Homemade Ice Cream Bars or Popsicles

Last but not least, cakesicle molds can also be used to make homemade ice cream bars or popsicles! 🍦 

If you're making popsicles, make sure to use the clear sticks provided as these are designed to prevent the liquid from leaking out of the mold. Make sure you insert the shorter edge in first so the sticks sit lower in the mold! 

how to make homemade popsicles using yummy gummy molds cakesicle molds

If you're making homemade ice cream bars, you can use the clear re-usable sticks or your own disposable wooden sticks. That's because ice cream is thick, so you don't have to worry about it leaking out of the cakesicle molds. 

Erin from cupcakesandconfetti1 is really creative and gave us this idea of using cakesicle molds to make chocolate-dipped ice cream bars! She used a cute bunny cakesicle mold and filled it with ice cream. Once the ice cream is hard, she took it out of the molds and dipped the bunny ice cream bars in chocolate. The fun part is decorating, where she added a cute bunny tail. Yum! 

If you loved these ideas from cupcakesandconfetti1, make sure to head over to Erin's Instagram page for beautiful cakes inspiration! 🎂 

Have you used cakesicle molds to make other desserts? If so, we'd love to see your creations! Please share them with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @yummygummymolds


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